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Bought a new dress but striving hard to figure out what to wear beneath for that perfect fit and comfort? You’ve landed at the right place. We are here to provide you the various types of innerwear and shapewears so next time when you’re heading to shop your inner wear you know exactly what to pick for that perfect fit and comfort.

Festive season is going on and wedding season is about to begin. I am pretty sure; all your festive and wedding attires are ready with the perfect set of jewellery and accessories. What about your innerwear? Have you finalized which type to wear beneath your glamorous apparel? No right? We often neglect the aspect of wearing that perfect and comfortable innerwear or shapewear which automatically brings in the confidence of walking with grace rather than feeling conscious all the time. Talking about women innerwear has become quite essential these days. We shape and feel weird while discussing about it, which is actually not right. Rather, you can talk more and make the person understand about wearing that perfect bra or panty which not only enhances your figure but with that comfy perfect fit also makes you feel super-confident. Along with the innerwear suggestions, we’ve also curated some really amazing women innerwear offers which you can use while placing your order, so that you do not make a hole in your wallet.

Deep neck, Backless and halter dresses are so in these days. Have you ever thought, what spoils the elegance of the dress? “Sliding straps” or “Poping Out Hooks” can be the answer. To spare the unknowing horror, find yourself some multi-way bra, strapless bra and seamless bra. These are available in various sizes and colours. If your innerwear colours are reflected out and you don’t know which one to pick then pick “Nudes”. Pick the ones whose straps can be detachable so that you can use the transparent ones, whenever required. Along with the innerwear solutions, also checkout the latest women innerwear offers so that you can save an extra penny while buying your perfect fit solution


Choosing a suitable dress for an important event, occasion or to work-place every day is indeed not less than a challenge these days. It is important to choose a right dress for the right occasion and time but wearing an appropriate under-garment is equally important too   Specially if you are an eligible single who is often ready to mingle, you are a newly wedded bride who often  has to undress herself to seduce her husband ,or you are a new girlfriend who has yet to do all her efforts  to entice her partner and prove herself better than the previous one or even you are somebody who needs to feel comfortable and decent throughout the day in the office ,all you need is to feel unusually fit in the under-garments. One bra or panty does not fit all, and hence, it is best to invest in a good set of bras, panties, nighties, lingerie that cover one’s usual range of activities. Mostly people don’t know how to find or buy the best undergarment according to the body type.

When bras were first developed in the 1920s, they were simply undergarments that provided strong support for women’s breasts, preventing problems like sagging breasts and backaches. Today, designers and manufacturers worldwide have added to the value of a bra by offering women close to 20 different styles to fit their needs:

  1. Training bra.

When a girl enters her preteens she usually have to face many challenges, which also include her training to wear a bra. A training bra does not train the breasts! Rather, it provides a bit of camouflage, protection, and support for tender breast buds and nipples.

It may also help girls adjust to wearing a bra. Training bras are also, for some girls, a rite of passage. By wearing a bra, a girl is essentially telling herself (and anyone who notices her undergarments) that she is on her way to becoming a woman.

A training bra is only appropriate for girls who have just begun to develop, or have very small breasts. Girls whose breasts have developed beyond the training bra stage should consider other types of bras, such as soft cup bras or underwire bras. If a girl is not introduced to a right training bra at the right time, she can never feel comfortable with a new change that is now an essential part of her life. Every girl young or old has a desire to look trendy, smart and sexy. This training bra is best if you are just looking for a first set of bras.

This type of bra is designed for preteen or teenage girls who are in the early stages of breast development. It is smaller than standard bra sizes, and its cups come without underwire support. Aside from providing some measure of breast support, it helps young girls to become accustomed to wearing a bra.

  1. Full cup bra & Demi cup bra

Every girl’s desire is to look perfect and the focus is usually laid on looking sexy but you still don’t feel like wearing a dress which exposes your cleavage so here is a bra for you. This bra provides full support, as it comes with underwired cups and covers most of the breasts. It is recommended for all women, and especially for those with heavier breasts. If you are a gifted woman with heavy boobs you don’t have to do a lot to make yourself attractive so buying this full cup bra will do best for you.

If you are someone who likes to expose your skin and wishes men to feel attracted by the line between your breasts and you have a boob size that would easily fit I the half cup than you should buy this bra A demi cup bra covers only half the breast with its cups coming up above the nipples. This bra is suitable to wear with clothes that have plunging necklines. It is supportive, yet provides maximum exposure of the breasts and gives you all the chances to look hot and sexy.

  1. Padded bra

If you are planning your first date and you want to attract the guy or you are expecting a guy you like to propose you at the office and you want to use   the size of your boobs as a weapon to entice him. All you need to do is maximize the size of your boobs .Trust me it’s not a hard task now a days, just get hold of a perfect padded bra. Padded bra comes with padding inside the cup linings, adding volume to smaller breasts. Padded bras are popular with teenage girls, who may otherwise stuff their training bras with tissues to make their breasts look fuller which sometimes get out of the bra in front of people which causes embarrassment to avoid any such situation you are advised to buy the right padded bra to save your skin at an important time  .

  1. Under wired bra.

Bras can come with or without underwire in their cups. An underwired bra provides strong support to the breasts and also maintains the shape of the bra. Some women claim that underwired bras lift their breasts, while others find these bras uncomfortable or painful. An underwire bra is a brassiere that utilizes a thin, semi-circular strip of rigid material fitted inside the brassiere fabric. The wire may be made of metal, plastic, or resin. It is sewn into the bra fabric and under each cup, from the center gore to under the wearer’s armpit. The wire helps to lift, separate, shape, and support a woman’s breasts. A wired bra gives you a formal feel not all wired bras are uncomfortable if you reach the right place and brand for buying one .Wired bra can add beauty to your dress and elevate the shape of your breasts.

  1. Strapless bra & Convertible bra

If you are planning to wear a seductive backless or off shoulders bra on a special occasion you need a staples bra under it. Strapless bras come with no straps or straps that can be removed. This style is very useful for clothes that bare shoulders, such as tube dresses and halter tops. Strapless bra is not only for somebody with slim body ,If you are somebody whose body grew in somewhere around third grade, and the boobs  kept coming in all the way through high school you have all the right to wear a strapless bra too. You must know bra hacks for big boobs, and when you’re going strapless, it’s ridiculously hard to find strapless bras for big boobs. Slipping, sliding, and digging are issues for everyone with the wrong bra and the wrong fit, but that goes double for girls seeking out bras for larger breasts.

That being said, it does not mean that you can’t wear that sleeveless dress or that backless shirt. You’ve got strapless bra options for bigger chests. Finding the right strapless bra for a bigger chest is partially about preference, but it’s also about build. A good rule of thumb is that thicker straps tend to provide more support, so the strapless bras that are holding themselves together with the fabric equivalent of dental floss just aren’t going to cut it.

Another rule is that, because all the support is targeted in one place, the torso strap tends to be tighter, so the softer and more comfortable the fabric, the better off you’ll be. Here are some of the best strapless bras, as well as strapless bra hacks, for bigger chested women, so you can take the pressure off your shoulders and off your mind.

While a more social woman should spend on convertible bras that fit her many formal evening outfits.  This bra comes with detachable straps that can be arranged according to one’s needs. It is also usually worn with clothes that reveal the back and shoulders, such as backless dresses with halter top necklines.


  1. T-shirt bra

T-shirt bras are made without a raised seam in order to appear invisible when worn under a body-fitting t-shirt.

Women of all sizes from small cup to full figure can wear a t-shirt bra. This is because a t-shirt bra refers to how the bra is made, and the cup’s features, not a specific cup style.

For instance, women who are a smaller bra size may prefer a t-shirt bra with a demi cup, while women who wear a larger cup size may enjoy a t-shirt bra with a full-coverage cup to get the best fit. With the high demand for t-shirt bras, brands are making them in many sizes and styles. The options are endless.

However, they aren’t for everyone. Just like other molded bra styles, if you don’t like the feel of synthetic fabric or foam padding, then a t-shirt bra may not be for you.

This kind of style may also provide a shape that you don’t prefer. Or you just may like to wear lace, seamed, or cut-and-sew bras. It’s up to you!

Even if you didn’t care for this bra style before — or any bra with molded cups — remember that there are advances in bra-making and fabric technologies every year. Trying on new a t-shirt bra style is worth the effort — you may find that it fits you well, and it could even become the most comfortable bra you own.

Remember, a t-shirt bra style is not just for wearing with t-shirts. It is also a great style to wear under almost every item in your wardrobe. Try one today


  1. Minimizer bra & Maximizer/Push up bra

As the names of the bra suggests minimizer bra is commonly sought after by large-breasted women who wish to reduce the appearance of their breasts by a cup size or two. If you are tired of the boobs coming in the way and makes you a topic of discussion in the office because of the big boobs .minimizes are what you need .You can easily make your breast look smaller by using a minimizer bra

On the other hand if you are somebody who feels embarrassed because of the small pair of boobs you have, then you need maximize bra to make your breasts look bigger and attractive. These bras lift the breasts and emphasize cleavage through their unique structure and extra padding. The padding may come in various forms, such as water sacks or silicone inserts. The goal is to give a fuller, more natural look to breasts of all sizes and make you regain the lost confidence.

  1. Sports bra

We see athletes and women champions on the television and wonder how they look tough yet smart and sexy under the sun ,with sweat and dust and this phrase sums it all up very well “A  regular jogger should purchase a good sports bra” .Sports bras are made for active women who engage in rigorous physical exercise. They are designed to be comfortable and supportive by holding the breasts in place during motion, therefore reducing damage to soft tissues of the chest. These bras are usually made of stretchable material to provide a snug fit.

Even if f your boobs are big and they juggle a lot while running ,walking ,exercising , and you get uncomfortable during exercise ,in gym or in the sports ground use a n bra that will help you feel comfortable, unexposed yet make you look hot and sexy .

  1. Built-in bra & Shelf bra

This is best for anyone who has a physical discomfort or finds wearing and removing bra a hassle because these bras eliminate the need for a separate bra. Some tops have hidden support built into them. The most common type is called a shelf bra (not to be confused with a shelf bra that is a cup-less bra). A second layer of fabric is sewn underneath the singlet that stops just under the bust and is pulled in with a line of elastic (see illustration below). There are no separate cups; the support comes from the stretchy fabric and the elastic that goes under the bust.

This kind of top can be worn without a bra and is great for lounging or sleeping in. You can also wear them out but be careful as they do nothing to hide they shape of nipples. You can also wear them with a bra to give extra support; it’s common to combine it with a sports bra to minimize movement while exercising.

Some clothing will have built-in support that is different to a shelf bra. Contoured foam cups may be sewn into tops and dresses so they can be worn without a bra. Some will even use underwire so it’s essentially like having a bra sewn in. This is quite common in swimwear. It is also a solution for special outfits or in costumes where you wouldn’t be able to wear a bra without it showing.

. This style can be found attached to the insides of swimsuits and tube tops. Some built-in bras are just horizontal, elastic fabric, but others have padding and underwired cups as well.

However the shelf bra covers only the lower part of the breasts, leaving the nipples and upper part of the breasts exposed. It is not supportive and is mostly worn in sexual situations.

  1. Peephole bra.

This bra is best for once in a lifetime situations like the wedding night, or when you plan to meet the guy of your dreams in a quiet and alone place, where all he has to feel mesmerized about is the pair of breasts you have. The peephole bra adds a seductive and enticing color to your sensual date or wedding night. A peephole bra features holes around the nipples, where your partner has an easy access to your nipples. Its loose coverage of the entire breasts is insufficient to provide significant support. This type of bra is also worn in sexual situations.

  1. Maternity bra & Nursing bra

Women’s breasts become more sensitive, heavier and larger throughout pregnancy. Maternity bras are adjustable and can expand to take these changes into account.

Like the rest of your body, your breasts are change too in pregnancy, become bigger and more sensitive to the touch. Chalk up this metamorphosis to hormonal shifts, weight gain, an expanding rib cage, and, later in pregnancy, mammary glands that are preparing to make milk for your baby.

While it may be tempting to make do with the bras you have   it’s best to invest in a few good bras. Your growing breasts are heavier – the developing glandular tissues can add on a few ounces per breast, at least – and deserve some comfy support.

These bras are worn to ease the breastfeeding process. They are made with flaps that can be unclasped or pushed to the side, keeping the breasts supported during breastfeeding and easily exposing the breast to the baby in a fit to drink milk.


  1. Mastectomy bra

Sometimes in life we go through a situation in which we need to replace a part of the body with something else. If you had gone through amputation of the breast or you are a transgender who wants to lead a normal looking life you are at the right place. A right mastectomy bra will do the task for you it is intended for women who have undergone the removal of one or both breasts due to cancer treatments. Here, the cups are made with pockets to keep breast prostheses in place and simulate the existence of breasts. Wearing a bra that will make you look and feel normal even after losing a breast is what all you need to do. Get hold of a perfect mastectomy bra.

Everybody wears underwear every day, but most of us don’t talk about these intimate cuties enough. It is probably the most important item of clothing in the wardrobe. They can not only make or break an outfit; the right styles will also do wonders for you — by boosting your confidence and comfort levels.

We are all about building a refined, comprehensive high-quality wardrobe these days, so your underwear should not just be an afterthought. Check your current stash with our list of must haves and see how if you’ve already got them all.

  1. Briefs 

Probably more commonly known as “granny panties”, this design provides a full coverage of the region and a high waistband. They might not have the sexiest connotation but so what? Every girl needs a pair of honest-to-goodness basic underwear that she can turn to in times of need.

When you are having the bad time of the month, these are really life saviors because they give you a lot of coverage, making you feel really secure down there. Also, they usually come in relatively plain designs, so you won’t have to worry about ruining your fancy under wears.

  1. Bikini 

Typically, they are slim on the sides with a high-cut leg line and back coverage with a waistband that rests on the hips. You can think of it as the in-between of the thong and briefs. They provide you with just the right amount of coverage while still maintaining an attractive silhouette.

Anytime, really. They offer just enough coverage, so it’s the option to go for if you require a less visible finish. Perfect for days when you want to wear something a little sexy but not racy.

  1. Boyshorts 

Modeled after men’s briefs, they take on a more rectangular shape than most panties probably the most modest option available. They feature a thong-style base but frame the whole bottom with full coverage on the sides and front.

If you want to have your butt and hips properly covered when you are wearing skirts, dresses or anything with a flowy construction, then boy shorts would be your best bet. Plus, it’s less embarrassing if you happen to be having a Marilyn Monroe moment, because it will look like a pair of hot pants or ‘safety shorts’.


  1. Hip huggers

As the name suggests, they are worn low around the hips, below the waistline with leg openings that hit well above the thigh. They vary in the degree of coverage, so it’s entirely up to the wearer to decide.

With low-rise bottoms, the main benefit of wearing these is that it can help minimize the risk of exposing your underwear, especially when you sit. Showing the top band of your underwear is not cool, so be sure to opt for one of these when you’re wearing something low waisted.

  1. Thongs/ G-strings 

When it comes to eliminating panty lines underneath garments, a thong/G-string is the best option available. Every woman should own at least one of these, even though they might not be the most comfortable of underwear to actually wear. It’s a bikini panty that sports a high-cut leg, with a thin strip of material running up the back of your butt.

This is the style that people turn to when they are wearing form fitting clothes as it provides no coverage on the but hence no visible panty lines. Panty lines are not okay, period. So if you are rocking a bodycon dress or any fitted bottoms, you should definitely consider these to provide a seamless look underneath your clothes.


  1. Maternity Support Panty


Slip into comfy support while your baby bump grows. This maternity support panty provides targeted compression below the belly, on the lower back, hips and below the rear to offer great support. Soft, expandable material on the belly allows for growth during the later months of pregnancy. Maternity support panty covers entire belly to mid thighs Targeted Skin fuse compression for comfort and support in the right places (below belly, back, hips and below rear) and its soft, expandable material Becomes perfect for a growing baby bump comfy fit in thighs and wide, comfy waistband stays in place it also offers maximum comfort and support to the expectant mother.


 20. Invisible Shaper Short with Rear Lift


All parts of the body add equal importance to the outer look of the human personality. Like the boobs need support and perfect shape, lower body also needs support and shape. The invisible short with rear look is best for the butt shape enhancement. This shaper short boasts a natural booty shape. Targeted skin fuse compression keeps tummy, hips, and thighs condensed while your rear is naturally shaped and enlarged with its open-rear design. Its wide waistband fits comfortably, stays in place and nicely defines your waistline.

Rear lifting shaper short wide, comfy waistband stays firm, fits perfectly and defines your waistline. It is targeted compression in mid-to-lower tummy, lower back, and hips perfectly comfortable fit in thighs shape. It is made of Skin Fuse technology, less seams for an invisible look under clothing Flat seams for no lines and a cleaner look.